Can I apply for a 30-day visa extension a few days after entering on a 30-day visa exempt stamp without any issues?

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Case Study: Applying for a 30-Day Visa Extension in Thailand

The original inquiry is from a potential client who plans to enter Thailand on a 30-day visa exempt stamp. They wanted to know whether they could apply for a 30-day extension a few days after their arrival without encountering any issues. This was due to their need to keep their passport with them for approximately the first 10 days of their visit before handing it over to an agent to start the retirement visa process. Their agent required at least three weeks remaining on their stay to initiate the procedure.

In response, Thai Kru assured the potential client that they can go to any immigration office at any time before the 30-day exempt period expires to get a 30-day extension. The process is straightforward, efficient, and usually takes about 45 minutes if the office isn't too busy. The cost for this service is 1900 Baht, and potential fines can be levied if the original date has expired. The client was advised that it's best to register at a hotel or other accommodation first before applying for an extension. The days added by the extension would be added to the initial 30 days, ensuring no loss of duration due to early application with the visa exempt stamp.

If the client is located in Bangkok, they can go to the Lak Si office in IT Square, where they can also get passport photos taken and any necessary photocopying done. However, it was noted that while most immigration offices allow applications for a 30-day extension when 30 days or less are left on the current stamp, some offices like Jomtien and Samui only allow applications when a week or less is left on the stamp. Therefore, the process can be dependent on the specific immigration office.

In conclusion, Thai Kru can facilitate this process for the client, helping them navigate the intricacies of Thai immigration offices and ensuring they have all necessary information to avoid any potential issues. By utilizing Thai Kru's extensive knowledge and experience with retirement visas, travel arrangements, and accommodation registration, the client can have a smooth transition into their extended stay in Thailand.

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