How to learn Thai shopping phrases in 1 day

Do you want to shop at the market with ease? Wouldn't it be better to learn the necessary vocabulary for purchasing items at Thai markets? Baan Smile has curated a selection of words and phrases tailored for your shopping needs.

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Thai Numbers 1-10

Let's start with the basics – Thai numbers from 1 to 10. These numbers are fundamental for understanding prices, quantities, and more: 

Attention please, attention please … You may also watch our video to practice your native pronunciation. Click Here! 

  • 1 - หนึ่ง (neung)
  • 2 - สอง (song)
  • 3 - สาม (saam)
  • 4 - สี่ (sì)
  • 5 - ห้า (hâa)
  • 6 - หก (hòk)
  • 7 - เจ็ด (jèt)
  • 8 - แปด (bpàet)
  • 9 - เก้า (gâo)
  • 10 - สิบ (sìp)

Good job! Now, you can try to tell the vendors that you want 3 Apples, let’s try:

English Translation : Pee krub/ka Chan Tong Karn Apple Saam Luuk. 

Eng script: Sir, I would like 3 apples.

Thai script: พี่คะ ฉันต้องการแอปเปิ้ล 3 ลูก 

Pronunciation Tips: Speak ‘Pee krub/ka’ like the way you say ‘Sir/Madam’ in the restaurant / Chan and Saam is the same tone / Thong-karn in normal tone without any stress in both words / Luuk a bit longer from other words. 

Bargaining Phrases

Negotiation is a common practice in Thai markets. Use these phrases to negotiate prices:

  • "เท่าไหร่" (tao rai krub ka) - "How much is this?"
  • "แพงเกินไป" (paeng geon bpai) - "It's too expensive."
  • "ลดราคาได้ไหม" (road ra-ka dai mai krub/ka) - "Can you lower the price?"
  • "ถูกกว่านี้ได้ไหม" (tuuk kwa nii dai mai krub/ka) - "Can I get it cheaper than this?"

Common Shopping Phrases

Politeness goes a long way in Thailand. Use these phrases to make your shopping interactions smoother:

  • "ขอบคุณ" (khob khun krub/ka) - "Thank you."
  • "เงินสด" (ngeun sod) - "Cash."
  • "รับบัตรเครดิตหรือไม่" (rup bhud credit mai) - "Do you accept credit cards?"
  • "ใบเสร็จ" (bai set) - "Receipt."

Asking for Sizes

When shopping for clothes or shoes, you might need to inquire about sizes:

  • "ขอดูไซส์" (korr do size noi) - "Can I see the size?"
  • "มีไซส์ใหญ่ไหม" (mii size yai mhai) - "Do you have a larger size?"
  • "มีไซส์เล็กไหม" (mii size lek mhai) - "Do you have a smaller size?"

Expressing Interest

Show your enthusiasm for the products you like with these phrases:

  • "อันนี้สวยมาก" (Un nii suay maak) - "This is very beautiful."
  • "ฉันชอบมาก" (chan chawb maak) - "I like it very much."

Counting Items

If you're buying multiple items, use these phrases to indicate the quantity:

  • "หนึ่งอัน" (neung un) - "One item."
  • "สองอัน" (song un) - "Two items."

*an: Unit showing the counting of things.

Saying Goodbye

When you're ready to leave a shop without making a purchase, be polite:

  • "ขอบคุณครับ/ค่ะ" (khob khun krup/ka) - "Thank you, goodbye."

Special tips for using Thai phrases 

Ending with the words "Krup/Ka" is another charm of using the Thai language. Even if you don't understand what they’re saying, you express your acceptance with this word. It will make you look more attentive and polite.

  • Krub (normal tone) for males.
  • Ka (lower tone) for females.

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