New Destination Thailand Visa allows 1 year stays in Thailand - 2024

A new visa type, the Destination Thailand Visa (DTV), is being introduced to allow foreigners who wish to stay in Thailand for work and travel, providing them with option called 'Workcation,' take effect in late June or early July 2024.

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Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wish to come for long-term tourism and remote work, including high-skilled individuals (Foreign Talent) and freelancers (Digital Nomads/Freelancers),
  • Anyone who wish to stay for other activities such as learning Muay Thai and martial arts, cooking classes, sports training, medical treatments, training, seminars, and art and music exhibitions.
  • Dependents of the foreigners can follow who are legal spouses and children under 20 years old.

When Does It Go into Effect?

The government has announced that this measure will take effect on June 1st, 2024

What is visa requirements?

  • Have financial proof or financial support evidence for the duration of their stay in Thailand, or a guarantor with a minimum amount of 500,000 Baht.
  • You must work for a foreign company.

What are the benefits?

  • Work and travel and study at the same time
  • Stay in Thailand for up to 180 days and can be extend once for up to 180 days by paying an additional fee
  • The visa is valid for 5 years. 
  • The visa type can be changed within the country, which will invalidate the original visa

Visa fee :

The visa fee is 10,000 Baht, 

How to Apply for the Destination Thailand Visa

We still need to wait for an official source on the application process. You should also be able to apply for it from Thailand consulate in your country and online e-visa website.

This innovative visa, ideal for blending work and travel, also supports a range of activities. You can now work remotely and stay happily in Thailand with an affordable lifestyle, enjoying the beach, learning Muay Thai or the Thai language, while living and working here legally without the worry of border runs or visa runs anymore!

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