Can I qualify for a non-O retirement visa in Thailand if I enter on a 60-day tourist visa and have 800k in a Thai bank?

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Case Study: Navigating Thailand's Retirement Visa Requirements

Our client discovered our services after allowing their non-O-A visa to expire unknowingly. They were interested in figuring out if they could still qualify for a non-O retirement visa if they entered Thailand on a 60-day tourist visa and had 800k in a Thai bank account. They also wanted to know how long the 800k needed to be in their account before applying and if the funds' origin, which was an overseas bank a year earlier, would affect their application.

At Thai Kru, we assured them that showing up on a 60-day tourist visa wouldn't be an issue. They could apply first for the 90-day Non-O visa and then the year extension two months later. We also informed them that most immigration offices don't require a specific duration for the 800k baht to be in the account to apply for the initial 90-day Non-O visa, except Jomtien, which requires two months of seasoning.

We also clarified that the two-month rule is effective when they get the year extension at most immigration offices. Since our client's funds originated from overseas, we advised that they might have to work with their bank to get proof of the original transfer, especially if applying in Bangkok. When they raised concerns about the possibility of using another office because of Jomtien's two-month seasoning requirement, we made it clear that they have to use their local office and provide a TM30 receipt with an address in that province, along with a long-term contract or lease agreement.

In this scenario, Thai Kru was able to guide our client through the complexities of Thailand's visa requirements and provide clear, concise advice on how to proceed. Our expertise and understanding of local regulations enabled our client to navigate this process smoothly and efficiently. Whether you're looking to apply for a visa, find accommodation, or make travel arrangements, Thai Kru is here to make your transition to living in Thailand as easy as possible.

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