Thai Kru Service Price List

At Thaikru, We not only assist you with our services but also provide ongoing support whenever you need something done in Thailand.

Tourist Visa

Stay in Thailand for 90 Days with a Tourist Visa.

Exclude the visa fee of $ 40 USD

Retirement Visa (O-A)

Secure a 1-year Thailand retirement visa from the comfort of your home.

Exclude the visa fee of $ 200 USD

Business Visa (Company setup in Thailand)

Live and work in Thailand with the Thailand Business Visa for a long-term adventure.


Education Visa

Considering an extended stay to study in Thailand? Get a 1-Year Thailand Education visa.

Exclude School fee and Immigration fee

Long Term Resident (LTR) Visa

Enjoy a seamless 10-year stay and get the most benefits in Thailand with the LTR Visa.

Exclude the visa fee of $ 1,400 USD

Retirement Visa (Inside Thailand)

Enjoy a year of retired life with a Thailand retirement visa.


Retirement Visa Renewal

Your retirement visa in Thailand is about to expire. It's time to extend it for another year!


Thailand Privilege/Elite Visa

Are you looking for a life of leisure and luxury? Stay in Thailand hassle-free for 5 to 20 years with the Thailand Elite visa.

Starting price for 5 years at THB900,000

Thai Bank Account Opening

Isn't it great to have your own Thai bank account with mobile banking so you can travel around Thailand with ease and make payments easily.


Thai Driving License

If you consider Thailand your second home, you'll need a Thai driving license, which offers you benefits such as using it as your ID, driving legally without police issues, and sometimes even getting local rates.

Motorbike Thai Driving License : $ 419 USD Car Thai Driving License : $ 559 USD

Border Run

If you’re from a visa exemption country, you can enjoy your time all around Southeast Asia, then come back to Thailand and enjoy even more time here.


Visa Run

Your 90 days in Thailand are up! Don't want to go back to your home so get another 90 days in Thailand by visa run to our neighbouring county.


Marriage Visa

Spend quality time with your Thai spouse for 1-Year with the Thailand Marriage Visa.


Marriage Visa (Outside Thailand)

Cherish 90 days in Thailand with your Thai spouse, acquire the Thai Marriage visa effortlessly from the comfort of your home country.


Children Visa

Enjoy family time in Thailand with the 90-Day "O" Children Visa for retirees.

Exclude Visa fee $80

Spouse Visa

Bring your family to Thailand with the 90 Day "O" Spouse Visa for retirees.

Exclude Visa fee $80