Tourist Visa

Stay in Thailand for 90 Days with a Tourist Visa.

Who it is for

The Tourist Visa is for individuals who wish to visit Thailand for tourism purposes. It is suitable for tourists, holidaymakers, and those looking to explore Thailand's culture and attractions. If you need to stay up to 90 days without leaving Thailand. The visa is 60 days but you can get an extension for 30 days.

Who can get it

  • Persons from any country

Where to get it

  • Local Thai embassy
  • Online visa website (only some countries)
  • Thai Kru service (See below)

Required Documents to Apply:

  • Passport
  • Passport size photo (or digital photo from your phone)
  • Flight booking
  • Hotel booking or your own property in Thailand (rented or owned) or letter from friends/family who you are staying with. One day minimum booking - you can stay elsewhere afterward.
  • Bank statement showing at least 20,000 Baht balance in the last 30 days.
  • Proof of residence in your home country (utility bill, drivers license, bank statement with address)

Period of stay

  • 60 Days ( plus 30 day extension if needed)

What it Costs:

  • Vise Fee $40

How long to apply

  • 7 - 21 days (depend on the consulate)

Thai Kru Service Cost:

We offer professional assistance in the tourist visa application process. Our service cost for helping you with the visa application is $199. 

This fee covers the following:

  • Guidance and consultation throughout the application process.
  • Document verification and assistance in completing the application form.
  • Submission of your visa application to the Thai embassy or consulate online so you do not get rejected.
  • Regular updates on the status of your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process a Tourist Visa application?

It usually takes a few business days to process a Tourist Visa application. The amount of time depends on how busy the local consulate is. If you apply for it in person, then it normally takes about 1-3 business days. However if you apply for it online, it can take up to 21 business days.

Is there a waiting period before reapplying for a Tourist Visa?

There is no strict waiting period, but it’s advisable to wait a reasonable amount of time between visits.

Can I work remotely for my home country while on a Tourist Visa in Thailand?

Certainly, as long as you have internet access and a computer, you can engage in remote work from anywhere in Thailand. All you need is a valid visa, and you can enjoy the luxury of sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, all while participating in video conferences with your colleagues.

Is a Thailand tourist visa 30 or 60 days?

Thailand tourist visa lasts for a maximum of 60 days. The visa exemption is 30 days and the visa on arrival is 15 days.

What is the maximum duration of stay with a Tourist Visa?

Each entry is typically limited to 60 days, but you can extend it for an additional 30 days with a Thai visa extension while you are in Thailand.

What is the Visa on Arrival fee in Thailand?

The Visa on Arrival fee in Thailand is 2,000 THB.

Can I change my Tourist Visa to a different type of visa while in Thailand?

It’s possible to change your visa type while in Thailand, but the process and requirements vary. A crucial requirement is that your tourist visa must have a remaining validity of at least 21 days or more. This duration can depend on several factors, such as whether you want to change to a retirement visa in Thailand. For instance, if you’re pursuing a retirement visa, you’ll need to open a Thai bank account, and your funds must be maintained there for at least 2 months. The specific requirements may vary depending on the type of visa to which you wish to switch.

What happens if I stay longer than 30 days in Thailand?

If you came to Thailand without a visa (visa exemption), you need to leave Thailand before your visa expiration date. However, you can get a further 30 day extension. [Get assistant with your visa extension] But for entering using a regular tourist visa, you can request an extension. You might apply for an extension of the visa. However, if you stay longer than your visa allows, you’ll have to pay a fine, face deportation, and could even be barred from returning to Thailand.

Do I need a return ticket to apply for a Tourist Visa?

Some embassies may require proof of a return ticket or an itinerary, but it’s not always necessary. If you are applying for the visa online, you do need to show an outbound ticket for Thailand. Your airline might also ask to see this return/outbound ticket when you are checking in. The outbount ticket needs to be dated on or before the initial expiration date of your visa.

What is the longest a tourist can stay in Thailand?

90 days.Having a Thailand tourist visa allows you to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 60 days. And you have the option to request a visa extension of up to 30 additional days in Thailand, allowing the maximum stay for a tourist visa to be 90 days per visit.

Is it hard to get a Thai tourist visa?

No, the tourist visa application is straightforward. Just make sure you have the correct and up-to-date documents. Many nationalities have the option to apply for a tourist visa online through the Thaievisa website. There’s no need to visit a Thai consulate or embassy. The approval process typically takes from 1-3 weeks when applying online or a few days if applying in person at a Thai consulate or embassy near you.

Can I study in Thailand with a Tourist Visa?

No, a Tourist Visa is not intended for studying. You can take short courses less than the duration of your Thai tourist visa. But longer courses need a proper education visa.

Can I volunteer while on a Tourist Visa?

Volunteering is not allowed on a Tourist Visa. You would need a specific visa for volunteer work.

How many times can I enter Thailand using Visa Exempt status?

If entering at an airport, there is no limit on the number of times you can enter. HOWEVER, a person may enter Thailand with visa exemption only 2 times in a calendar year if entering at a land border.

Can a tourist visa be denied?

Yes, if you fail to provide all the necessary information accurately on your visa application, or if the information doesn’t align with your passport and supporting documents, it could lead to a visa denial. To avoid wasting your time and money, please reach out to Thai Kru for expert assistance.

Can I apply for a Tourist Visa while in Thailand?

No, it’s not possible to apply for a tourist visa while you are in Thailand. Tourist visa applications must be submitted exclusively outside of Thailand. If you wish to obtain a tourist visa, you can consider leaving Thailand and applying at a Thai consulate or embassy in one of the neighboring countries.

How do I know if my visa is approved?

If you apply via the Thaievisa website, you can log in and check the status of your application. When it is approved, it will be sent directly to your email. However, if you apply at a Thai embassy or consulate in your country, they will also notify you by email. Or if you use the Thaikru service, we will be the ones who constantly update your visa status.

How much is a Thai tourist visa fee?

About $30 to $50, depending on the country from which you are applying and the local currency.

Do I need travel insurance for a Tourist Visa?

Travel insurance is not a strict requirement, but it’s highly recommended for your own protection. Contact Thai Kru for help with purchasing travel insurance.

What is a 1 year Thai tourist visa?

There is no one-year tourist visa available for Thailand. Instead, Thailand offers a 60-day tourist visa with the option to extend it for an additional 30 days. This allows you to stay in Thailand for a total of 90 days on each visit. If you wish to stay in Thailand for up to a year, you’ll need to exit the country and apply for a tourist visa once more from outside Thailand. This means you will have to repeat this process 4 times if you intend to stay for a full year

Who Needs a Re-Entry Permit for Thailand?

Generally, a tourist visa is a single-entry visa, as it is designed for short-term visits to Thailand, primarily for tourism. As a tourist, there is usually no need for a re-entry permit because your stay is intended to be brief. However, if you hold another type of long-term visa, like a retirement visa, you would require a re-entry permit. This is necessary to ensure that you can leave the country without invalidating your current visa status.

What do I need to renew a tourist visa?

A Tourist visa cannot be renewed. It can only be extended once. You need your passport, 1,900 THB and a passport size photo. Fill out the forms and you will get your extension. If you need help extending your tourist visa please contact Thai Kru.

Can I extend my stay beyond 60 days with a Tourist Visa?

Yes, you can extend your stay for an additional 30 days at any local immigration office in Thailand. You’ll require your passport, 1,900 THB Cash, and a passport-sized photo. Complete the necessary forms, and your visa extension will be processed. Should you require assistance with extending your tourist visa, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Thai Kru.

What is the difference between a Tourist Visa and a Visa Exemption?

A Visa Exemption allows for a shorter stay (usually 30 days) without a visa, while a Tourist Visa allows for a longer stay (usually 60 days) with a valid visa.

Is there a quota for Tourist Visas for certain countries?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of applications for a Thai tourist visa. Thai Tourist visa applications are open to citizens of all countries around the world.

Do I need a Tourist Visa if I'm from a visa-exempt country?

No, if you are from a visa-exempt country, you can enter Thailand for tourism purposes without a visa for up to 30 days. However if you are from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru and South Korea you get a 90 day visa exemption.

How do I apply for a Thai Tourist Visa?

You can apply for a Tourist Visa at a Thai embassy or consulate in your home country or apply for it at the Thai eVisa website online in most countries. You can also contact Thai Kru to assist and make sure your visa application is correct and smooth.

Can I work in Thailand with a Tourist Visa?

No, a Tourist Visa does not permit you to work in Thailand. You’ll need a work permit for that. You can bring your laptop and do some basic remote work at your hotel or a coffee shop. So long as you are not receiving funds from Thailand or overtly working in a business office you should be ok.

Do I need to show a hotel reservation to apply for a Tourist Visa?

A hotel reservation is typically required, but you can provide an invitation letter if you’ll be staying with a host. You only need to book for a day or two for proof. Once you get your visa you can stay at any hotel in the entire country.

Can I get a Tourist Visa on arrival in Thailand?

Thailand offers Visa on Arrival to some nationalities. Check if your country is eligible. Visa on Arrival lasts for 15 days and must be applied for online and at the airport once you arrive in Thailand. The cost for the Visa on Arrival is 2,000 THB.

Is there a specific bank balance requirement for a Tourist Visa?

The requirement is having at least 20,000 THB in your bank account is often recommended. If you are travelling as a family you need to have at least 40,000 THB for the entire family.

What should I do if I overstay my Tourist Visa?

You will be fined of 500 THB per day, with a maximum limit of 20,000 THB (for overstay of 40 days or more). If the overstay exceeds 90 days, it can lead to deportation and a ban on re-entry into Thailand.

Can I apply for a Tourist Visa extension online?

Visa extensions cannot be processed online; you must visit a nearby immigration office in person. Be sure to bring your passport, a passport photo, completed forms TM6 and TM7, along with THB1900 in cash.

Can I use a Tourist Visa to visit neighboring countries and return to Thailand?

Certainly not. Upon departing Thailand, your visa will be immediately invalidated, and you won’t be able to re-enter Thailand using the same visa. It’s essential to be certain that you have no intention of returning to Thailand if you decide to leave for another country because the Thai Tourist visa is valid for a single entry only

Can I visit Thailand with a criminal record?

In fact, a criminal record check is not mandatory when applying for a tourist visa. As long as your home country permits you to hold a passport and leave the country, you can visit Thailand even if you have a criminal record. However, there are certain distinctions to be aware of if you intend to relocate to Thailand. If you aspire to stay in Thailand permanently or seek employment, you will need to provide a criminal record to establish your eligibility

What's the age limit for applying for a Tourist Visa?

There is no specific age limit, but minors might require additional documentation.Children must have a sponsor through their parent’s visa, along with a letter from their parents and photocopies of their parents’ passport and residence visa. For children below 15 years old, a no objection letter signed by both the father and mother is a mandatory requirement.

Is there a difference between a single-entry and a multiple-entry Tourist Visa?

A single-entry visa allows one entry, while a multiple-entry visa permits multiple entries during its validity.

Can I apply for a Tourist Visa for someone else?

Yes, you can apply for a Tourist Visa on behalf of a family member or friend. Simply collect the required documents, complete the application on their behalf, and then submit it either at the consulate or through the online website. (Thaievisa)

What are the financial requirements for a Thai Tourist Visa?

You should be able to provide evidence of adequate funds for your stay, which should be a minimum of 20,000 THB per person. You’ll need to have this proof ready as part of your visa application process.

What is a "visa run," and is it allowed in Thailand?

A “visa run” involves leaving Thailand to get a new visa., typically done when you wish to extend your stay in Thailand, but your current visa is nearing its expiration. You must exit the country and then choose to either apply for a new tourist visa in another country or re-enter Thailand using a visa exemption. However, if you opt for the visa exemption route, it’s essential to confirm your eligibility.

Is a medical examination required for a Thai Tourist Visa application?

A medical examination is not required for a Tourist Visa application.

Can I apply for a Tourist Visa for medical treatment in Thailand?

You may need a medical visa for this purpose, which is different from a Tourist Visa. Thailand offers a Non-O visa category for various purposes, including medical reasons. If you require a visa to visit Thailand for medical purposes, you can apply for a Non-O visa by submitting a letter from the hospital explaining the necessity for this visa. Typically, for medical reasons, this visa allows for a longer than 60-day stay.

Can I apply for a Tourist Visa if I have a non-immigrant visa for another purpose?

No, it’s not possible. You are allowed to have only one valid visa for your stay or visit in Thailand. You can apply for a new visa once your current visa has either expired or been canceled. Morever, it’s important to note that tourist visas cannot be applied for from within Thailand.

Is there a dress code for submitting your application at the embassy?

Although there isn’t a strict dress code in place, it is recommended to present yourself in a neat and professional manner. Avoid wearing hats or face-covering accessories, as officers will need to take a photograph of you as part of the application process. Show respect for the Thai embassy and consulate by dressing respectfully and acknowledging their cultural norms

Can I enter Thailand with a one-way ticket if I have a Tourist Visa?

When applying for a tourist visa, it’s necessary to provide evidence of your planned departure from Thailand. This is to ensure that you intend to leave within the 60-day visa period and have no intentions of overstaying your visa. Typically, you’ll need to show proof of an onward flight to another country, and it’s common for the airline to request this proof as well.

Do my children need to apply for Tourist visa?

Children typically need to apply for their own visas, and they must do so individually. There is no minimum age requirement for applying for a Thai tourist visa. As long as you can accompany your children across the country, they can apply for a tourist visa in the same manner as adults. Additionally, children must have a sponsor through their parent’s visa, along with a letter from their parents and photocopies of their parents’ passport and residence visa. For children below 15 years old, a no objection letter signed by both the father and mother is a mandatory requirement.

Can I apply for a Tourist Visa if I'm already in Thailand on a different type of visa?

No, it’s not possible. You are allowed to have only one valid visa for your stay or visit in Thailand. You can apply for a new visa once your current visa has either expired or been canceled. Morever, it’s important to note that tourist visas cannot be applied for from within Thailand.

Can I apply for a Tourist Visa if I plan to visit Thailand for a destination wedding or honeymoon?

Yes, you can apply for a Tourist Visa if your purpose is to attend a destination wedding or honeymoon in Thailand. However if you are planning for a stay less than 30 days and you are eligible for a visa exemption there is no need to apply for a visa. Similarly if you are visiting for less than 15 days and you are eligible for a visa on arrival, you do not need to apply for an official 60 day tourist visa.

What happens if my Tourist Visa application is rejected?

If your tourist visa application is rejected, you will receive an email explaining the reason for the rejection. However, once the embassy has rejected your visa, you cannot make amendments or corrections to it. In this case, you must submit a new application. When you decide to re-apply, it’s crucial to ensure the accuracy of your documents and complete the application correctly. If your departure date is approaching, you may need to consider entering Thailand on a visa exemption, but it’s essential to confirm your eligibility for a visa exemption before making any travel plans.

Can I visit all regions of Thailand with a Tourist Visa?

Certainly, with a tourist visa, you have the freedom to explore all of Thailand’s diverse regions. From the northern to the southern parts of the country, from the bustling capital city to remote rural areas, you can explore the beauty of Thailand. You can relax on its various stunning beaches or have an adventurous motorbike journeys through the picturesque mountains in the north. The key is to plan your trip carefully to make the most of your visit.

Can I use an expired Tourist Visa to re-enter Thailand?

A visa that has expired is no longer considered valid and cannot be used for re-entry into Thailand. In such a case, you must apply for a new visa.

Is it possible to obtain a visa extension in Thailand before my initial visa expires?

Yes, you can apply for a visa extension within Thailand typically 7 days before your initial visa expires. You can only get an extension one time. Your extension will start at the official end of your first visa, not on the date you submit your application.

What is the maximum number of times I can extend my Thai Tourist Visa?

You are allowed to extend your visa in Thailand 1 time per each visit.

Is there a 3 month tourist visa for Thailand?

No, there is not. However, they also provided an option for a 60-day tourist visa, which could be extended for an additional 30 days within Thailand. So, while there wasn’t a standard 3-month tourist visa, you could stay in Thailand for up to 90 days with a 60-day visa plus a 30-day extension.