The Guide To Staying in Thailand a year (or more) in 2024

The Guide To Staying in Thailand a year (or more) in 2024

Staying in Thailand more then 90 days is not easy. But what if you want a break from work. What if you want to work remotely. What if you want to take a sabbatical. What if you just want to travel?

We show you how to legally work within Thailand's immigration rules, save on long stay accommodation and travel around South East Asia like a pro.

So what's in the book?

  1. Why would you want to do this?
  2. Why a long term visa would not work for your case 
  3. 60 day Tourist visa
  4. 30 day visa exemption stamp 
  5. Visa on arrival 
  6. How to get a 30 day extension
  7. What if you overstay?
  8. Options when you can’t stay longer
  9. Land border run
  10. Air border run
  11. How to get a new 60 day visa in our neighboring countries
  12. Flying back in with visa exemption
  13. Entering back into Thailand 
  14. Renting a condo
  15. Getting a drivers license
  16. Opening a bank account on tourist visa
  17. Renewing your passports
  18. Traveling around Thailand
  19. Working remotely 
  20. Tax residency 
  21. Do’s and Dont’s

This is a must-have book you need to be able to prepare for your journey in Thailand.