The Guide To Starting A Business in Thailand 2024

The Guide To Starting A Business in Thailand 2024

Starting a business in another country isn't easy, but Thailand is a great choice for many advantages. You want to live here, enjoy the beaches, warm sunsets and delicious food all while making money with your business.

We'll give you all the important details on how to start a business in Thailand, get a business visa, and work legally.

So what's in the book?

  1. Starting A Business in Thailand
  2. Advantages of Starting a business in Thailand
  3. Popular Businesses For Foreign Investors in Thailand
  4. Benefits of the Thailand Board of Investment
  5. Rare businesses in Thailand
  6. Choosing the Best Business
  7. A Business Visa and Work Permit in Thailand
  8. 90 Day Report
  9. Expanding Your Existing Business into Thailand
  10. Foreign Business License
  11. Business Registration in Thailand
  12. Paid-Up Share Capital 
  13. Business Bank Account
  14. Estimation of Company Registration Fee
  15. Leasehold VS Freehold
  16. Tax & Wages
  17. Employing Thai Staff
  18. The Virtual Office

This book is a must-have book before you decide to make a big investment in Thailand